Search Engine Optimization for Internet Companies: How to Do a Good Job (Part 2)

Website optimization is essential in online promotion, and it includes two main parts: on-site and off-site. The editor of Jinwang Technology, the first brand of Chengdu Network Company, will now share some practical experiences of off-site optimization with everyone. What are the methods and techniques for website optimization outside the website

SEO optimization method: It is best to have a soft article outside the website that is about 500 words long, the title should be relevant to the content, and the website news dynamics need to be updated frequently. Now, I will teach you how to write the article: for example, if your website is customized for website construction and development, you cannot write "Jack Ma has become the richest person in China, or Xiaomi has joined JD" and so on on on the consultation page. This is completely wrong. You need to think from the customer's perspective. If you are a customer, what do you want? This is the most valuable! A successful website must have links that are of high quality. This not only drives your ranking, but also your weight. Remember how important weight is for a website! If you want to know if the exchanged links have value, I believe SEOers should know how to search. You can directly search in the webmaster tool. Note that it is best to exchange links from the same industry, because this is the only way to have value, and try to exchange links with higher weights than yourself. If external links are possible, go to various forums and post articles related to the website. "In the world of SEO, content will always be king," but avoid adding hyperlinks. Some people place hyperlinks everywhere in order to quickly rise in rankings. The editor in chief of Jinwang Technology reminds you not to do this, as it will ruin your website. This result will always go up in a hurry and come down in a hurry... The best thing is to make the links naturally generate. You can add some related keywords, but the soft articles should also be original and cannot be copied or pasted directly on your own website to other forums. By doing these things well, it will also make the website's ranking more stable than other websites. Websites that fluctuate between high and low levels have resorted to many unnatural means, resulting in uncertain rankings. The most reliable thing is to optimize and write articles diligently. In this way, your website ranking will naturally rise, and of course, the stability of the server network is also a key factor affecting ranking. Attention everyone!


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